Favourite Moments in Parks and Recreation Season 1

Those of you who follow me on Twitter will know that I recently started re-watching Parks and Recreation. Let’s not pretend that I have to explain myself, as we all know that this is literally one of the best comedy series of all time.

That being said, it isn’t one of the best seasons. They were still figuring out where they wanted the show to go, it was still being compared to The Office and it still had Mark Brendanawicz.

Favourite moments then:

1. Leslie falling into the pit, for obvious reasons.


2. Casting an Indian guy in a non-Indian stereotypical role, this is really rare. Tom does not speak in an Indian accent, he doesn’t eat curry, he isn’t a taxi driver. He is just a regular guy.


3. Leslie mumbling about her broken clavicle. I think I only found this funny, because I was already familiar with Leslie’s character.pancakes

4. Andy asking Ann for
pancakes when she went to the kitchen. This is hilarious to me. Again, maybe because I knew Andy. Can you imagine having someone ask you to make them pancakes while you are in the kitchen as if they are asking you to bring them a glass of water. Andy was the worst!

5. When Ann was accidentally Leslie’s lesbian trophy wife and then got ignored, because Leslie was too busy hobnobbing, so real, in the most ridiculous way.

6. The introduction of Mouse Rat all its previous names . It’s so ridiculous. My favourites, “Teddy Bear Suicide”, “Department of Homeland Security”, “Nothing Rhymes with Orange”, “Everything Rhymes with Orange” and “Three Skin”

7. The pit song, because it is both amazing and terrible at the same time.

It’s a list that ends at 7, because again, Season 1 was not good and if you have only seen Season 1, please, please continue watching. Having seen the entire series, multiple times, I can confidently say that it gets better. This season lacks many important characters that are later introduced.

P.S. Special mention to Jacqui for forcing me to watch this in the first place. Trust your friends.

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