The Lumineers Concert Review

I was there with flowers in my hair.

Let’s throw it back to about a month ago when The Lumineers played live in Cape Town for the second time. I missed the first concert, because I recall having no money and almost missed the second concert because I recall having no money.

And then I won tickets, thanks to Global Citizen (something you should definitely get involved in).

Images by @booksbakesbio

The next few days were spent listening to their latest album over and over attempting to familiarise myself with it. After the first album, and the disappointment of not being able to see them, I stopped following their updates and only heard a new song of theirs when it was thrust upon me.

As it turns out, the new album is fantastic. I am late to the party, but once I realised that Sleep on the Floor, Angela and Cleopatra were linked, my mind was blown. The story it tells is heart-wrenching and I am a cry baby, so I felt a lot of things.

We made our way to Greenpoint Park where the concert was taking place. This was also, if I am not mistaken, the first time a big concert was held at Greenpoint Park. I was concerned about sound, and whether it would be easy enough for a vertically challenged person like me to see the stage.

Image by @booksbootsbio

The field was full of people by the time we got there, some were picnicking and others were standing, ready for the show to start.  Everyone was very relaxed, much the music we were about to listen to. We found an empty spot where, surprisingly, I had a pretty good view of the stage.

They opened with one of my favourites, Sleep on the Floor and really decided to get everyone emotional within the first minute of being there. We sang and clutched our hearts as if every word was directed at us.

Flowers in your Hair was up soon after, another popular song and did I mentioned that we took it quite literally and Muneera (@booksbakesbio) made me the most beautiful, extra flower crown I have ever seen. I mean, I was basically a mascot for this song. Get you a Muneera.

Image by @craigmaran

The crowd lit up when they heard the intro to Ho Hey as I am sure it was the only song some people knew, plus it’s a really, really fun song to shout along to.

Our emotions went up and down as they switched between upbeat songs and songs that really made you reconsider your life choices. At one point, they walked through the crowd to a mini stage set up in the middle of the field, giving everyone at the back a close-up view.

When my favourite was played, The Big Parade, I stomped my ass off. My legs ached a bit the next day, but what can you do, it’s a stompy song.

They addressed the crowd regularly, endearingly and put on a really intimate performance. It was a good show and a great way to spend a Wednesday night.


P.S. If you liked this concert review, I recently reviewed being forced to see Justin Bieber live.

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