JIAH Restaurant Review


This post is rated NSFF (Not safe for fasting) as it is going to make you hungreh.

JIAH is a new, fully halal restaurant based on the trendy Church Street, in Cape Town’s CBD. As a Muslim, you would agree that these are rare, and because of that, they are usually busy. So be sure to book beforehand if you plan on going.

The menu ranges from pizzas, pastas, to burgers, grills and curries. I have been there twice, and the two experiences were different, but what stayed the same, is that the food was tasty.

They have a variety of seafood dishes, and a small handful of vegetarian dishes. I don’t recall anything vegan-friendly, but feel free to take a look at their menu.

JIAH Cape Town

The restaurant was empty the first time I went around, which led to the service being fantastic and the food being prepared quite quickly, I had the beef burger and chips. It was a good burger, and suitably priced.

The second time around, the restaurant was PACKED. Service was slower, understandably. I had the butter chicken pasta, which was delicious and once again, also well-priced.

Image by @Tazznemo

Both times, the waiters were very friendly and eager to help.

I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a halal option, as it is probably one of the best located halal restaurants in Cape Town.



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