Memorable Moments in Grey’s Anatomy Season 1

Six months ago, well into adulthood, I made a bad decision. I started watching Grey’s Anatomy, for the first time and now I am on season 12. Goodbye free time, it was nice knowing you.

People were always surprised when they heard that I didn’t watch Grey’s. For some reason I got it into my mind that I had to choose, either Grey’s or Scrubs, and I chose Scrubs.

Better late than never (12 years late, to be exact), here we are. Oh and I have been live-tweeting it.

Season 1 was a bit shaky at the start, the characters were figuring themselves out and at this point, other than already knowing Meredith and Derek would get together (again), I had no idea what else would happen.

McDreamy’s nickname was established early on, I think it was episode 2 already, which is impressive. I absolutely adore seeing framework for an entire show filled with inside jokes being set up so early on.


He was dreamy, he has dreamy eyes and dreamy hair and finally I understood the obsession, but what didn’t make sense to me, was Meredith. I couldn’t wrap my mind around having her as the lead character. She was a bit of a drab (Meredith, babes, I love you now, but we’ll get to that). She was battling with her mother’s Alzheimer’s, and that was it, that was her only life struggle (as far as I knew). She was beautiful, exceptionally talented, famous at the hospital and was given a house when all the other interns were scrambling for somewhere affordable to stay.

At the time, I preferred Izzie. She had a great success story, growing up poor, working her way through medical school and then being discriminated against because of modelling. Yet, proving to them that she deserved to be there (please, Grey’s fans, keep in mind this was the first time I was watching).

George was introduced and all I could say was, “Oh, honey” and I kept saying that over and over again.

And then there was Christina and Alex, both assholes, both likeable assholes.

I was just getting into it, rooting for MerDer and shipping hard and then at around 9 episodes, it just ended, and it ended with a firecracker, my favourite firecracker, the red-headed, sassy Addison Shepherd.

Addison Season 1 Grey's

“Hi, I’m Addison Shepherd, and you must be the woman who’s been screwing my husband?”


Ultimately, a good first season that sets the theme for the rest of the show, misleading however that we had no idea how cruel Shonda could be. Poor us.

Favourite songs in this season:

Somewhere Only We Know – Keane


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  1. Just watching the show now and now in season 11. I miss Yang. I love how they developed Alex. Merideth just told Derek to go to D.C. Wow, considering what comes down the line for those two (I read some things on the internet). What I really got pissed at though is the separation of Callie and Arizona. Why would they have split up? They loved each other and went through all the hard stuff already. And it just kind of weakened the show to me, that and losing Yang. I guess Sandra Oh wanted off the show, but losing the relationship between C. and A. just seems for the dramatic sake and didn’t make sense. At least Yang went on to greater things.

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