Throwback Thursday: I met Jared Leto

Thirty Seconds to Mars have been here three times already. I attended two out of three, and would certainly attend another if given the opportunity.

I was not allowed to go to Coke Fest, which is the first time they performed here, so let’s skip ahead.

In 2010, Thirty Seconds to Mars came to Cape Town for the second time. I was in my first year at university and my parents finally agreed that they would let me attend a concert provided I took seated tickets as they were genuinely scared that I would be trampled.

Dressed in a DIY Thirty Seconds to Mars T-shirt and clutching my very first concert ticket tightly, I walked into the Grand Arena expecting something amazing. I left the Arena that night knowing, for the first time in my entire life, with complete surety that my soul flourished at live concerts. I had only one regret… taking a seated ticket at such an upbeat concert.

“I felt the ground shake beneath me, it was memorable and exciting” – an actual excerpt from my diary entry (yes, I have a diary, I am lame, blah blah blah, IDC)

Fast forward four years down the line, life has changed. I graduated, got married, moved out and attended more concerts than I could count. My parents were now worried that I would be the one doing the trampling.

Once again, dressed in the exact same DIY T-shirt, clutching my ticket even more tightly, I arrived at the Grand Arena, early enough to grab hold of the metal railing separating us from the band. I walked by the merchandise stand and stared long and hard at the T-shirts. I wanted one, but I am not much of a T-shirt wearer.

“If you buy a T-shirt, you’ll get to meet the band”



And so, wearing my new T-shirt, I watched one of the most electrifying performances I have ever seen. The lights were amazing, the music was amazing, and for those of you who have seen them live, you know that Jared Leto is a performer, an entertainer and a fool.

He was not always the star of the show. Shannon Leto was sick and did not attend. What’s a rock concert without a drummer? Well, let me tell you, it’s a rock concert where the drums and guitar are simultaneously played by the guitarist, Tomo Milicevic (whose wife follows me on Twitter and I don’t know why, HI VICKI).

We screamed. We danced. We jumped. We marveled in the feeling of the music that was so real you could almost grab it.

And then CHAOS as people were being pulled on stage and I nearly was tramped (Sorry mom and dad).

My Charger (oh, and Jared and Tomo’s autographs)

After the show we made our way to the meeting area and when it was finally my turn to meet them, I said, “Good show” casually, trying to pretend as though I didn’t just buy a T-shirt to meet them and then dammit, I fell and got lost in those baby blues. He is a vampire, you all know that, right? He was about… 40something at the time, and I swear his skin was smoother than mine. He responded with words and a smile. I asked him to sign something while scrutinizing his face, his cheekbones, white teeth and long, healthy hair, I WILL FIND A FLAW.

And then I left having found no flaws.

Oh, and Tomo said I was amazing. He probably says that to all the girls, but I don’t care.

All right, that’s enough. I have already exposed far too much of my fangirl tendencies.

Front row!


18 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: I met Jared Leto

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  1. Your cat is SO CUTE.
    And also, how did I not know that if I’d bought a t-shirt I could have met him?! I spent an hour standing outside the meet and greet doors, watching the people who’d bought the tickets coming out in tears of joy.

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  2. Lucky enough to meet Jared and attended 30STM Concert several times. Also, how amazingly Tomo played the drums too. Wish I was there 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I remember Jared Leto from the good ol’ My So-Called Life era, and he really hasn’t aged since then so yes, I think your hypothesis is correct about him being a dreamy vampire. Yum. I’m so glad you had a wonderful time! And the chance to examine his chiseled face from up close!

    Nothing like live music, is there?! Hope you have a great weekend!!

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