10 Reasons Why Ben Wyatt is the BEST

Okay, so I wrote about Season 1 and Season 2, but now that you have met Ben, I know you know he is the best thing to happen to Parks and Recreation. Here we go:

  1. His version of “Treat Yo Self” was buying himself an expensive Batman Costume and immediately crying while wearing it. He then wore it for the rest of the day. I am Ben. Ben is me.
  2. The fact that he loves calzones so much, he wanted to open a restaurant called

    “The Low Cal Calzone Zone”


  1. He pretends to love Lil Sebastian, but keeps admitting to the camera that he doesn’t understand why and let’s be honest, IT IS JUST A SMALL HORSE.
  2. His accountant jokes are the best thing to happen to TV. What makes it ten thousand times better is the ridiculous reaction from the head of the accounting firm he keeps rejecting.


“Just call me Bond… Municipal Bond”

  1. His love for Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Star Wars etc. is as expected as it is endearing.


  1. He doesn’t handle his alcohol very well


  1. His anxiety is on level 100. Remember his irrational fear of policeman?
  2. When he was unemployed he created THE CONES OF DUNSHIRE, the most ridiculously complicated game in existence, that I would be interested in playing, and also, a three second claymation “movie”, Requiem for a Tuesday.


  1. The face he makes when he realizes he is surrounded by crazy people and everyone else thinks it is normal


  1. Last, but not least, every single scene with Leslie, especially his proposal and their Parks and Recreation offices wedding. I refuse to believe they are not together in real life.


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      1. RON IS MY FAVORITE TOO! I haven’t watched the show in SO long, but that gives me inspiration to go write a Ron Swanson blog. lolol Thank you for that. 😀

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