Does Anyone Remember Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 3 and 4?

After a season as memorable as Season 1 and Season 2 and shocking as Season 5 (be patient, we will get there), Season 3 and Season 4 seems to have melted into the background. Some key events took place, so let’s take a look at that.

Season 3 started off slowly with Izzie quitting her internship and I felt deeply sorry for her, at this stage, I was still a big fan of Izzie, even though I noticed that she was becoming a little bit OTT (over the top). I mean, she received 8 million dollars and kept it stuck on the fridge for ages. My anxiety was so high about this. What if someone stole it? What if there was a breeze and it blew away? What if the house burnt down? 8 MILLION DOLLARS!

But Izzie keeps making bad choices, so she sleeps with George, even though George is married to Callie and they lie to her over and over. It’s unbearable. George is even better than Izzie at bad decisions and bad luck, he married Callie randomly, slept with Izzie, lost his dad (which was really sad) and then failed his medical exam and stayed an intern when everyone else moved up. YIKES.

But life goes on, or does it? Meredith almost died in this season. It was a strange near death, I remember it feeling very… disconnected. She spoke to her mother and finally got the love and recognition she needed. The season put her through some tough times, she lost her mother, but on the other hand, she got Derek (kind of).


Where does that leave Addison? She came, won over my heart, but didn’t win Derek’s or Alex’s, so she moved on to a brighter future at Private Practice (which I am yet to watch… should I?)

Burke’s been shot and can’t properly perform surgery, Christina steps up and performs intricate surgeries under his instruction. Think about the surgeries she was performing and the fact that she was just an intern! But with Christina, it makes sense that she would lie and take that risk. We found out how competitive and passionate she was about cardio.

Everything seems to be going really well for them, and then just at the end… PLOT TWIST, Christina was the one to get left at the altar, I was almost sure she would be the runaway bride. My heart broke for her as she suffocated in that wedding dress. It makes me anxious when Christina loses her cool. Plus, I really liked Burke (changed my mind when I read up about why he left the show).


And we are introduced to the bright and shining star, Lexie.

Meredith pushes Lexie away and Lexie, like an adorable puppy, keeps trying. As usual, MerDer isn’t happening and Derek is dating other women and we all pretend as though these two won’t end up together.

Callie and George get divorced and Callie and Mark end up sleeping together, multiple times (I absolutely ship Callie/Mark), but am happy when Callie finally realises she is bisexual. On the other hand, George and Izzie just fail, they are just terrible together and already I start noticing that their characters are going nowhere.


Right at the end, just when you think Shonda wants to kill someone off and make you cry, she makes you cry, but wow-that’s-so-cute-I-can’t-believe-dark-and-twisty-Mer-did-that type of tears. Derek comes back to his stupid trailer to find that Meredith must have taken hours building the floor plan for their future home out of lit candles. It’s all very romantic and a serious fire hazard.

Favourite songs:

Death and All His Friends – Coldplay

Viva la Vida – Colplay

Hometown Glory – Adele

Did I miss anything?

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