Coldplay’s Kaleidoscope EP Review

After A Head Full of Dreams, Coldplay’s frontman, Chris Martin insinuated that it would be the last conventional Coldplay album, which made me nervous. One of the recurring nightmares I have is that Coldplay will not be releasing new music.

That’s a joke, but now you understand that I am a big fan.

That being said, I think he just meant that they will keep evolving, experimenting and telling their stories in new ways. Coldplay’s new style of music has upset many fans, and A Head Full of Dreams was no different, it was upbeat, positive and was almost the complete opposite of the beautiful, melancholic albums; Parachute, A Rush of Blood to the Head and X&Y. 

Over the last few weeks, bits of Kaleidoscope have been released until finally, the entire EP was available for a digital purchase.


After hearing their collaboration with The Chainsmokers, Something Just Like This, I was already preparing myself for a substandard album. It was a high energy, copy and paste Chainsmokers’ song with the use of Chris’ lovely voice. I did love the music video. I reminded myself that Coldplay has been successful at staying relevant for 20+ years and that is how.

The EP starts off with All I Can Think About is You which I am sure, is the first song on the album just to remind us that Coldplay is still Coldplay, that if they wanted, they could still pull at your heart strings and make you feel all sorts of things. It sets the mood, relaxes you as you get lost in Chris Martin’s voice as he sings lyrics that resonate within you, Chaos giving orders, everything is upside down.


Miracles (Someone Special) ft. Big Sean is something special. I watched the music video when listening to this song for first time. I watched as various races and religions covered my screen with lyrics motivating you to keep trying, to keep going and ignore the hatred that is so openly promoted, I was trusting statistics more than I was trusting me. When a woman wearing a headscarf appeared on my screen, a lump appeared in my throat, never, in my many years of watching music videos, had I seen such positive representation of muslims. It made me so happy and for that, I am thankful to Coldplay & Big Sean.


Staying within the theme of tolerance, love and positivity, A L I E N S, is up next, more easily understood if you are watching the video. The upbeat, retro, unbelievably catchy song shows a family of aliens fleeing their planet that is under attack. The aliens are struggling to find a new home, as most planets seem scared of them, even though they don’t mean any harm. The song is very obviously about refugees, with refugee written on the spacecraft too. Just in case you weren’t sure, Coldplay announced that all proceeds from the song will go to Migrant Offshore Aid Station.


Before everyone starts feeling a bit too sad and stressed, it goes back to the bops, Something Just Like This (Tokyo Remix).

Similarly to savasana in a yoga practice, Kaleidoscope ends off with Hypnotised, the most relaxing song on the EP. A song that is so entirely relaxing, that if you close your eyes for a second too long, you’d most likely float away. It’s easy to be lethal, I’m learning from the news, It’s a guidebook for the blues.


Overall, I would say the music is catchy, enjoyable and edging on commercial. However, it maintains just enough of Coldplay to keep most of their fans, and just enough of the commercial sound to gain a few more. As mentioned, I appreciate the messages in their songs, the love they spread and the way they keep inspiring.


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  1. I like Coldplay’s work,i must confess I haven’t really been following them in recent times, and this new EP sounds pretty epic! i will definitely be checking it now! Thanks for sharing! This is a great review! x

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