Lisey’s Story by Stephen King

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Believe it or not, as much as I have read, I am ashamed to admit that I have never read Stephen King until someone gifted me with Lisey’s Story. I have always leaned towards fantasy, romance and the good ol’ classics.

Lisey’s Story is about Lisey (rhymes with fleecy), the wife of a famous author, Scott Landon (who very often resembles Stephen King). She was always overlooked, as the spotlight was always on Scott, until he died and suddenly, she had to learn to be just Lisey.

Immediately, we are made aware that Scott had passed away, but it’s not until much later that we realise how. Jumping between Lisey’s past and present, there are a few moments in the novel where it seems as though we are leading up to it, perhaps he is badly hurt or sick, and then he recovers and once again you keep turning the pages wanting to know how he died.

Stephen King creates two extremely lovable characters; Scott, who is soft, broken and witty and Lisey, who you grow to love, is tough, just as intelligent and very resourceful. You are almost immediately aware of how in love they were and the further the story takes you, the more you start to understand that this story, hidden in mystery, is a love story.


Without giving too much away, Lisey is being threatened by a man who is more than willing to hurt her. Her sisters are incapable of helping her. She has no children and no one to turn to. The only person who can help her, is Scott, from beyond the grave.

Scott does not help her as a ghost, but in a series of clues left around their home, written in a way only she would understand. On the topic of their intimacies, I should mention that the way they spoke to each other was almost a good enough reason to quit the novel. Filled with made-up words and cutesy sayings, after reading the word smucking a hundred times, I wanted to smucking throw the smucking novel out of the smucking window.

I did not, I took a deep breath every time I saw an annoying word and continued. The story had a major plot twist, which lead to more and more plot twists and before I knew it, it was over. It had taken me days to get midway and mere hours to finish it from there.

Overall, it was a frustrating novel, there were moments when I questioned my sanity for continuing to read it and other moments where I found it impossible to stop. It takes you on an adventure you would not have expected, filled with descriptions so perfectly written that if you close your eyes, you’d worry about waking up there.

Probably not his best work, so  I will make sure to read some more of the King.

Sham, the mothersmucker.

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  1. Lovely Review, Shameez 🌸
    I haven’t read Lisey’s Story yet, it’s on my shelf, but I am a huge Stephen King fan! My favourites include IT, The Shining and 11/22/63.

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