Grey’s Anatomy Season 5: When I Realised I Could Not Trust Shonda

By the time season 5 hit, I was already attached to all the main characters (which I wrote about here, here and here). I had my issues with them, especially Izzie and George, who I loved and was slowly starting to dislike. The exact opposite happened with Meredith; in the first few seasons, I was still trying to figure out how cold, harsh Meredith was the lead character. Slowly, but surely, I realised I needed her there.

Gosh, Season 5 is chaos.

Since we all know how this one ends, let’s start with some details you may have forgotten about.

Christina and Owen Hunt become a thing and they are seemingly perfect together, what with him being this intense trauma surgeon and Christina being attracted to technique. All was well, until… CHOKE. Shit, that was terrifying. Imagine waking up to your large, strong boyfriend choking you because of PTSD.

But their relationship drama is not the only relationship drama. Basically, everyone had drama this season. Bailey got divorced, Callie and Erica broke up, and then she met Arizona, Mark and Lexi started dating secretly, Derek called his AND Meredith’s discovery, The Shepherd Method (that made me MAD) and last, but not least… Izzie started imagining Denny.

Let’s chat about that for a bit. That was a really strange, frustrating arc. I realise that it all led up to it being hallucinations due to the brain cancer (also, Shonda, really, you gave Izzie brain cancer. Mean, just mean).

It was all too strange, especially her sex scene with Denny, WHAT IN THE WORLD? Mind you, by now, I already started disliking Izz, but I didn’t really want her to die. We were led to believe she would die, and amidst the sadness and other CHAOS, Derek proposes to Meredith and she accepts.

Naturally, Meredith does not give a shit about a wedding and Izzie plans the entire thing. They pull a page straight out a Nicholas Sparks novel and Izzie and Alex get married just before her surgery, to give her a wedding she would have always wanted, in case she dies.

That right there, is the reason Meredith and Derek got married using just a post-it note, which will become a future reason for my sadness.

Random surprise! George, soft, sweet George decides he wants to be an army doctor.

Okay, so the craziness doesn’t end. We start preparing our tissues as Izzie is being prepped for surgery. This is it. I thought, Shonda is going to kill her. 

And then a John Doe is rushed in, at the same time, and…



All he manages is 0 0 7 and just like that, Shonda betrayed me.

Best songs of the season:

Skinny Love – Bon Iver



5 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy Season 5: When I Realised I Could Not Trust Shonda

Add yours

  1. Izzie/Ghost Denny is one of my least favourite Grey’s plot arcs ever ever EVER! I remember watching the finale unspoiled and being totally jaw-droppingly shocked by the 007 bit

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  2. Oky but the Post-It-Note vows are legendary and just so romantic and also totally so Meredith and Derick 😍 Also George’s death made me ugly cry and you’re so right, it was the first time I started mistrusting Shonda!

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