Walk on Water by 30 Seconds to Mars is… meh

Within the first ten seconds, you could easily assume you’re listening to an Imagine Dragons’ song. The synth-rock beat starts off steady and then there it is, Jared Leto’s recognizable voice reminding you that even though it sounds different, this must be 30 Seconds to Mars.

“Walk on Water” has been hyped up for weeks in advance and had every member of The Echelon waiting in anticipation. It had been years since we heard new music, since Leto has taken on some major acting roles, the most popular being, The Joker in Suicide Squad.

The band even requested fans send them footage of their 4th of July celebrations and some of it is used in the lyric video, linking to the lyrics:


The song is certainly making a statement about America’s current political situation and it sounds like an attempt to be relevant without wanting to offend anyone.

For a tiniest moment, so tiny that you can’t even skip to it, it’s stuck between 40 and 41 seconds, Trump’s face is associated with the word “fear” and that’s about it.

I loved their old albums, and I don’t expect them to make music that sounds the same, all bands need to evolve, Coldplay, Linkin Park etc. It’s almost never well received, but I agree that it needs to happen.

That being said, this anthemic song follows a similar recipe for the album, This is War, except with less. Less feeling, less power, less originality.

It’s weak. It reminded me of a weak cup of tea, sure, it’s still tea, it still uses water, milk and a teabag, but it doesn’t quite hit the spot, does it?

That being said, I can see myself singing along at some point, it’s catchy and I will probably still end up buying the album or attending another concert. If I should meet Leto again (read about that here), I would like to ask him to go back to making loud, honest music that makes you reconsider your life choices while punching your fist in the air.

Shameez, still part of the Echelon.

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