Costume Parties as a Brown Girl (Part 2)

Just in case Part 1 was not enough for you, here’s Part 2:

Dressing up can often be intimidating when you’re brown and no one on screen looks like you, but as I previously mentioned, it doesn’t matter. Do it. Have fun. Own your character! Representation matters.

2017 has granted me the pleasure of attending TWO Harry Potter themed parties (okay, okay, I hosted one of them, but it still counts)

1. For my own party, I dressed up as one of my favourite Harry Potter characters, the brilliant: Professor McGonagall (Ps. The husb was dressed up as Snape)

Professor McGonagall cosplay

It was easy enough.

  • Black polo neck top
  • Brooch at the neck
  • Black witches hat with a feather, easily bought at your local party store (mine was from Party City)
  • And of course, a green robe, which I hired from a costume store, Annie’s Angels
  • Love for cats, which came naturally.

2. For the second party, I couldn’t surely wear the same thing, plus, I had absolutely no time to head to the shops and had to make do with what I had at home. Who else wears mismatched, baggy clothes?

Aha! Professor Trelawney!

Professor Trelawney costume, dress up, cosplay

Crazy clothes, brown boots, all the Harry Potter themed necklaces I already had and a stripey scarf with tassels. It helps if you are already a little bit weird.

3. Next up, away from Harry Potter, let’s move towards one of my other favourite fandoms… THE LORD OF THE RINGS and of course, I am not tall nor graceful enough to be an elf. I am undoubtedly, a hobbit. (Ps. The husb was dressed up as Gandalf and it was the most ridiculous thing)

Hobbit costume, cosplay dress up

Having not dressed up as any specific hobbit, I simply copied the clothing style, which was period clothing, easily found at a costume shop, Mad Caps. I curled my hair as much as I could and wore brown socks with scribbled hair on it as a quick cop out to actually building hairy feet. For comedic effect, I wore a large gold bangle in place of the ring. You couldn’t miss it.

Oh, it helps if you’re already seen as being “hobbit sized”.

Excited for your next costume party yet?

You should be.


Professor Shameez, the Hobbit

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