Local Getaway: Stonehill River Lodge

Travel Tuesday: If, like me, you are always looking for a local getaway which can accommodate large groups, I would recommend Stonehill River Lodge in Swellendam.

Isolated and hidden away, you will find your fully-equipped holiday home which overlooks the river.

Stonehill River Lodge, Swellendam

Depending on which route you take, it’s about a 2.5 hour drive from Cape Town. So pack your snacks and your favourite music and make sure your phone is charged.

We booked a 4 bedroom home, which as mentioned, was fully-equipped with every appliance you could need, including a dishwasher, gas braai and wood braai.

If you don’t plan on falling asleep on the deck chairs with your novel slipping out of your hand, there are many other activities available on the grounds.

Your favourite fools being foolish

There’s a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, trampoline and play area with swings and giant chess pieces.


We booked archery at R75 per person, which was incredibly enjoyable. The bow, as you can see from the image below, is taller than I am and even then I STILL MANAGED TO HIT BULLSEYE – Needless to say, I have found my weapon of choice when the zombie apocalypse hits.


River paddling is also available at R150 per person. Time was limited and we did not end up doing this.

I would definitely recommend it for families and groups of friends looking to escape the city for a day or two.

But like all good things, it had to end. So, I grabbed a cup of coffee, put my feet up and gave Spidey a window seat.


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