Harry Potter Themed Party

Do you want to know how to throw the best Harry Potter party? Well, you have come to the right place.

By now you must have realised that I am a huge Harry Potter fan and have been since I was about 10 years old.

My husband and I decided to throw a joint birthday party (our birthdays are a few days apart) and in honour of me reaching my Quarter Life Crisis, we chose the theme I have always wanted: HARRY POTTER


As easy as can be, provided you have access to a printer!

I scoured the internet for printables and created some of my own. If you’re interested in any of the prints you see below, check out my Pinterest board which links to all the relevant articles.Untitled collage

Aside from the Ministry of Magic sign placed on the toilet, the bathroom was a fun place to decorate. Get some plastic toy spiders from your local party store, mine was about R20 for a pack at the Party Store in N1 City.


Next up, grab your expired red lipstick and go wild! It was easily wiped off with some tissue paper and then washed it normally.


Is it really Hogwarts if there aren’t any textbooks and potions? Once again, you do need a printer to print some labels and book covers. I soaked my book covers in tea to give it a worn look.

I collected empty coffee, jam and even air freshener jars and filled them with everything I could get my hands on; sand, chalk, glitter, food colouring. Oooh, mysterious.



Preparing the snacks was ridiculously fun, because the novels created so many weird and wonderful snacks.

First up and extremely easy! Buy some Ferrero Rocher and stick some angel wings on them! Viola, GOLDEN SNITCH:


This one, I admit, was not entirely DIY. I found a chocolatier in the area and requested chocolate frogs. However, upon my thorough research, frog cookie trays are available online and you could technically do this at home.

The frog boxes were, once again, printables!!


Basically, I printed everything I could find. A Honeydukes sign, sweet labels and matched them up with things that made sense to me. Sour worms, jelly snakes, anything I could relate to the story, I did.

And of course, Bertie Botts Every Flavour Beans! I made a few using, you guessed it, printables and regular jelly beans, and I had one original which was gifted to me from a friend (thanks Rasheeda!)


Last, but definitely not least…

Bake a cake, ice it in pink and green and put it in a white paper box. Hagrid will be proud.

Untitled collage

There are plenty of ideas on my Pinterest that I didn’t get time to do. One of the big ones… BUTTER BEER!


Everyone needs to dress the part, because it’s so easy to do. Witches hats, robes and school clothes are all easily available. Need a prop? Use a chopstick as a wand! (Check out this awesome tutorial for that)

The outcome was brilliant. As mentioned in my previous post, I was Professor McGonagall and my husband was Professor Snape. Some guests went all out and came as Moaning Myrtle, Professor Trelawney, Bellatrix Lestrange, Luna Lovegood and even… even the Fat Lady Portrait!

Untitled collage (1)

Oh, and there was a prize for best dressed:


Excuse the mess, I was party planning!

Now, go! Have your party!
Shameez, the Potterhead

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