Seeing The Fray live and having THEM SEE ME


Throwback Thursday: Seeing The Fray live and having THEM SEE ME

I don’t want to brag, but I think The Fray fans should be thanking me for being the most irritating person that follows Big Concerts:


So, obvs Big Concerts needed to shut me up and brought The Fray (they also brought Thirty Seconds to Mars (again) and Mumford and Sons).

Eventually, the concert date arrived, a glorious Saturday! I dedicated the whole day to them and arrived at the Grand Arena at 13:30pm, having spent the morning being productive (making a poster).

There were 10 people ahead of me in the queue (there is another queue on the other side, and I had no idea how the numbers were looking). The doors opened, I walked (RAN) as fast as I could to get to the amazing front rail, and succeeded.

I was front and centre at THE FRAY’s concert. I could not believe my efforts had actually turned out well.


After waiting forever, the opening act, Jeremy Loops entered stage and although the crowd seemed to have only just met him, he charmed them instantly. He did this by simply explaining his method of making music, entertaining us with silly voices and an alarming amount of talent. I had seen him live before, but I have never seen him entertain such a large crowd. Instead of wanting the opening act to leave, the crowd shouted for more and it was the first time I had seen an opening act perform an encore!

We waited (again) and then the lights went out and the crew left the stage… we all knew what would happen next, we all knew and we couldn’t believe it. Queuing for a few hours felt like a lifetime, it almost felt as if we would wait forever.

The Fray took the stage and the crowd lost it.

I was completely focused on Isaac, I had never seen a live show of theirs before and his stage persona caught me off guard. Instead of the overly confident lead star I expected, I was close enough to see how much their music meant to him. Each word packed with emotion. In the moment, he would close his eyes, pull on his clothing and tap his one foot on the other.

It felt personal and unrehearsed.

Aside from his emotions and whatnot, the man is not afraid of his fans. Jumping in to the crowd, he grabbed his fans, wanting to feel their connection, their excitement. He walked through the crowd all the way to the general standing section to give them their moment of a front row view.


Once I was able to look around, I was drawn in by Joe, Ben and Dave. They were so focused on their crafts it was hard to split my attention between all the amazing acts. Even the crowd was something to look at. Passionate, singing in unison.

After a few seconds of the intro to You Found Me the crowd already started quivering with excitement. Without missing a word, we all sang along, each of us relating to it in a different way.

Hurricane, Keep on Wanting, Wherever this Goes were amazing. Bop after bop we allowed their music to flood us with emotion.

What took us by surprise, was Joe taking the lead and singing Ungodly Hour, if it has always been sung by him, I did not know that. It was beautiful and perfect and I wanted to save the song in my brain and replay it for the rest of my life. Also, don’t assume Isaac was just sitting around twiddling his nervous thumbs, no, he was proving to us that no human being is more talented than he is by showing off his amazing piano skills.

The next soul-elevating moment was the song that ignited my love for this band… How to Save a Life. I stood there fighting back tears, thinking of the saddest scene in Scrubs which felt as though the scene and song were written for each other.

Somewhere during the show we all took out our cellphones and lit the place up. Yes, it has been done a million times before, but it is always beautiful.

To pick everyone up after making us all cry, they closed the show with Love Don’t Die. I held out my poster just wanting them to know how I felt. Joe walked by and paused. He looked at my poster, pointed and laughed. This was the only time I have ever enjoyed being pointed and laughed at.

My night was made. I was ready to go home.

To make it all better, Isaac stood on the stage in front of me, pointed and mouthed things to me because the music was so loud. I think I made it out to be “Love that. Thank you, means a lot”.

I screamed like the crazy fangirl I am. Looking towards my husband, I realized he had been filming the entire thing. My hero.

Ben ran up in front of me, leaned in and snapped a photo of me and my ridiculous poster. The next morning, I found myself on The Fray’s Instagram page:

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Cape Town #thefraysa #heliostour

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As usual, we demanded an encore, and as usual, they knew we would. Closing the show, for real this time, with the beautiful, Be Still, we said goodnight to the band and thanked them for their performance.

Ps. I was messaged by an old school friend as she found this on News24:


Yep. Your favourite fangirl made the news for being your favourite fangirl.

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