Review: Wizard of Oz at the Artscape

The story of The Wizard of Oz is known in every household, through the theatre or the classic 1939 film, made famous by Judy Garland.

Originally based on the novel, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, follows the story of Dorothy and her dog, Toto, who are whisked off to the Land of Oz. In her search to find a way to return, she encounters a scarecrow who wants a brain, a tin man who wants a heart and a lion who wants to be courageous. Together they go off to see the Wizard, who may be able to help them.

The musical, directed by Roché Haupt-Buckle along with musical direction by Alastair Cockburn is on at the Artscape for another week!

Since photos and videos were not allowed once the show has started, these blurry photos and my descriptions will have to do. IMG-20171003-WA0000

The actors were all very talented. Their singing and dancing lighting up the crowd each time. The Kansas accent is not an easy one to do and every now and again, the familiar South African accent crept through.

The leading lady, Dorothy (Jennifer Human), albeit a bit old for the part of a young girl, never skipped a beat and sang perfectly in tune. Human easily portrayed Dorothy’s kindness.

Tin man (Nick Plummer), Scarecrow (Pete O’Donoghue) and Lion (David Bolton) were lovable, entertaining characters who often had me laughing out loud.

Although I knew each song well enough to sing along to, Ding Dong! The Witch is Dead was a favourite of mine. Upbeat, funny and a group act, it was impossible to look away.

IMG-20171003-WA0001The stage design and set changes were the best part of the show. Cleverly crafted and easily changed in a few seconds. The creative backgrounds took you out of your world and into Oz.

Overall, it was entertaining and would certainly leave the target audience wanting more.

Oh, and The Wicked Witch (Carey Wallace) had the most convincing witch cackle I have heard in a very, very long time.

The show will be on for another week! Get your tickets here.

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