Dahl from an Adult’s Perspective: The BFG

If I wasn’t afraid of Giants before… I am now.

Sophie is captured by a giant and luckily for her, she’s captured by a Big Friendly Giant, The BFG who only eats snozzcumbers… That’s right, not cucumbers, snozzcumbers, a large, cucumber looking vegetable that tastes horrible.

All the way in Giant Country, Sophie sees the other giants who are bigger and meaner than The BFG. She overhears their evil plans to grab children out of their schools and gobble them up.


With names like Bonecruncher, Fleshlumpeater and Bloodbottler, it had me locking my doors before going to bed.

To lighten the mood, it went on to describe the kinds of human beans the giants preferred. Turkey tasted like Turkey, Wales a bit like fish and Wellington, well, Wellington tasted a bit like boots.

‘Human beans is the only animals that is killing their own kind.’

I was glued to this short novel, thoroughly enjoying The BFG’s colourful vocabulary, for days after I described everything as scrumdiddlyumptious  or complete gobblefunk. The language itself kept me giggling. Even though the words are entirely made up, they were more descriptive than any English words I could think of.

So far, I have re-read George’s Marvellous Medicine and Esio Trot, and so far, The BFG trumps them both. It managed to scare me as much as it inspired me. The brave actions of Sophie and The BFG, with the help of the Queen of England (oh, that had me laughing)  were endearing right up to the last chapter.

I have no words for the last chapter. I read it with a smile plastered across my face, unable to fathom just how magical the ending was.

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