Cape Town Comedy Club

Next to the Aquarium, hiding in a corner, you will find the Pumphouse, the home of Cape Town Comedy Club and your new favourite place.

Cape Town Comedy Club provides comedy (duh), night after night, with different local, and occasionally international comedians. Most nights have a line-up of four to five comedians, varying drastically in comedy style, ensuring that (almost) everyone should find a reason to laugh.

We have been to the Comedy Club, two or three times before and this time was definitely a highlight. In celebration of our upcoming birthdays, the Husb and I decided to take his family out for a laugh and a (halal-friendly) dinner.

Doors open at 18:30 and show starts at 20:30, the tables are arranged according to the batches of tickets booked by the same person. I.e. I booked 10 tickets, on Computicket, so a 10-seater was arranged. (Place your food orders by 19:00 to avoid having to shout your order at your waiter mid-show.)

Credit: Cape Town Comedy Club (

We were lucky enough to see the musical and very talented, Phil de Lange. Although it was the second time we were seeing him, we would certainly go again (and probably again and again).

Quickly changing between story-telling and singing, Phil managed to have the entire audience laughing, while he (skillfully) played his ukulele, sang his satirical covers and kept a straight face while doing it.

His jokes were so great that I have a number of them stuck in my mind, but I won’t share them here, I want you to go and see him.

It was the first time we were seeing Brent Palmer and the crowd seemed to take a minute or two to warm up to him, perhaps they were waiting for some singing (thanks Phil). With a focus on parenting and the struggles along with it, a good percentage of the audience could relate. Once he reached the punch-lines, the room erupted in laughter, almost surprised at how much they enjoyed it.

There’s an interval. So don’t panic and leave mid-set to head to the toilets.

After the interval, I finally got the chance to see Lindy Johnson perform, the only woman performing that night and one of the funniest people I follow on Twitter. She appears on stage, full of energy and the room lit up, because of her smile and the likability she exudes. I heard several people exclaim, “OMG I LOVE HER HAIR”, you should, her hair is perfect.

Her comedic style is the perfect combination between hilarious and heart-warming. She tells her jokes the way your favourite funniest friend would, making you comfortable and putting you in a good mood. She manages to turn bad luck in to good humour. A proper skill.

The headline act for the evening was Conrad Koch, who you probably know as Chester Missing (which is his puppet!).

We have seen him before, once or twice and each time, he is funnier. A skilled ventriloquist, with a respectable amount of insight into local and international politics and a naughty face. He will definitely have you believe that a puppet, a slipper or even just a sock has a personality of its own. It’s as creepy as it is amazing.

In between acts, Dalin Oliver, the MC, presented each act, taking a few minutes to tell a funny story or pick someone out in the crowd (yes, this happens, sit at the back). Quick on his feet, he manages a comeback depending on the reaction he gets from the crowd.

We have recently seen Dalin three or four times, I know some of his jokes off by heart, and yet, I sat there, laughing again. I even started laughing early if I knew which joke was coming, because thinking about the joke had me laughing before the joke even happened.

Credit: Cape Town Comedy Club (

An awesome evening, spent supporting awesome people. Perfect for a date night, or a family night out, provided you don’t mind jokes about porn in front of your parents. (Keep staring ahead, don’t make eye contact, they can’t know that you even know what a porn is).

A much needed laugh after a very tough week, which, once I have gained some courage and control, I will write about.

PS. One of my favourite things to do was to occasionally look up and see the comedians sitting upstairs, watching the comedians on-stage, taking photos, laughing and supporting each other.

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