Cats Don’t Meow…

at other cats. They reserve those sweet and sometimes annoying meows for us.

That must have grabbed your attention, so let me introduce myself.


Hi, I am Shameez and you may have figured it out by now, but I like cats, and many other things. I follow too many series, listen to the same music over and over and can eat a lot more than I should be able to. Therefore, at this point, you can assume that the posts will range from reviewing the latest Marvel release, to trying out a new coffee shop in Cape Town.

I like liking things and more importantly, I like talking about the things that I like. If you are interested in reading the ramblings of a crazy fangirl, have a look around, you’re in for a treat, if not, here’s a photo of my cats (I have been told that the internet enjoys cats, so this is a surefire way of having a successful first post, right?)

Turbo and Charger

That’s enough, now get back to work.





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