Top 5 Fictional Fathers

Fathers come in all shapes and sizes and let’s be honest, not all of them are good and not all of them are around. I have been lucky enough to be raised by a man who was good to me, even though we nearly killed each other from time to time. If I didn’t have... Continue Reading →

High-Rise Novel and Film Review

“Even their insistence on educating their children, the last reflex of any exploited group before it sank into submission, marked the end of their resistance.” It may be listed as science-fiction and dystopian fiction, but there are hidden (exaggerated) truths within this story. High-Rise explores the idea that a residential high-rise building becomes an isolated environment... Continue Reading →

Funny Girl at The Fugard

It was easy to believe that Ashleigh Harvey may actually be Fanny Brice. Easy to believe that she was determined to be famous, that she knew that she was talented and was waiting for her big break. Her performance was that convincing and her talent was that obvious. The award-winning play, a semi-biographical musical based... Continue Reading →

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