Cape Town Comedy Club

Next to the Aquarium, hiding in a corner, you will find the Pumphouse, the home of Cape Town Comedy Club and your new favourite place. Cape Town Comedy Club provides comedy (duh), night after night, with different local, and occasionally international comedians. Most nights have a line-up of four to five comedians, varying drastically in... Continue Reading →

The Jive Cape Town Funny Festival

I expected a regular comedy show: a few men, standing in front of me, looking relatively uncomfortable and talking quickly, pausing only for the laughter to subside. That’s not what happened here. Okay, so it was only men. I am told that I missed Mel Jones, who I have seen before and she is FUNNY,... Continue Reading →

Funny Girl at The Fugard

It was easy to believe that Ashleigh Harvey may actually be Fanny Brice. Easy to believe that she was determined to be famous, that she knew that she was talented and was waiting for her big break. Her performance was that convincing and her talent was that obvious. The award-winning play, a semi-biographical musical based... Continue Reading →

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